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What Does It Take to Install a Chimney

Chimneys for Wood Stoves

The opening in the chimney that smoke passes through is known as a flue. To provide sufficient room for smoke passage and draft development, these have to be sized appropriately in relation to the stove capacity and the chimney height. Overall, the flue size must be 25% bigger than the size of the stove pipe; this is what connects the stove to the chimney. Meaning that a stove that has a 6-inch diameter pipe needs at least an 8-inch flue, and an 8-inch stove pipe needs a 10-inch flue; well, you get the general idea.

Smoke generally moves up a flue in a swirling formation. Round flues are more efficient than either a square or rectangular one, as they offer very little obstruction to the natural flow of the smoke. For the best performance, the interior of a flue must be as smooth as possible.


Maximum burning efficiency can only be obtained when a chimney is located as close as possible to the stove. The recommendation is to limit the connecting pipe length between the stove and chimney is 10 feet.

Masonry chimneys

Most chimneys found in new and pre-existing homes are built using a non-combustible masonry material. This can range from concrete block, brick, or some other kind of stone. Masonry chimneys are the heaviest part of a house, and they have to be built on a concrete footing that is heavy enough to support the weight without settling. Chimney footings have to extend below the normal frost depth and sit on undisturbed or properly compacted soil. Footings must extend at least 6 inches more than the edge of the chimney on every side and has to be at least 8 inches thick for a single-story house. On the other hand, a two-story house will need footings that are 12 inches thick so to support the weight of the extra height.

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