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Signs You Got a Bad Window Installation Service

Are the Windows in Your House Installed Correctly?

Many homeowners are hesitant to become too engaged when hiring home remodeling professionals. Some people choose to remain silent throughout the entire process even when they notice potential problems with the way the service was delivered. There is no exemption when it comes to investing in home upgrades like window installation services. Because of this anxiety, they fail to voice any issues and eventually regret using the business after realizing how poorly the installation service was provided. As a result, consider the following to assist you to spot the early warning signals of subpar work:

The Window Style Is Incongruent With Your Home’s Overall Design

If the window style does not match the aesthetic you are striving for in your home, that is one indication that you had poor window installation service. This occurs when your installer believes that a client’s opinion is unimportant. If your window installer thinks that way, you should be ready for unfavorable outcomes. If the style does not fit the description you are going for, it becomes worse.

Messy Caulking

The first line of defense against outside factors getting into your walls is caulking. As a result, if it’s done incorrectly, the frame could give way and the glass panels could break. For this reason, it’s crucial to check the caulking application within a week or even a month of having your windows installed to make sure the seal is level and continuous.

Stains On the Glass Panes

You may have to accept the chance of stains or smudges because many installers use various types of glue, caulking, and even cleaning agent. When performing the post-installation inspection, be as thorough as you can to look for any stains or smudges so that you can bring it up with your installer right away.

If you see any of the warning signals, it is best to have your installer redo the work or hire a different specialist, like HDL Construction LLC, to handle it. Call us right now at (201) 375-5437 if you are anywhere in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ to take advantage of our window installation service as well as additional options like glass repair!