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House Window Replacement: Tips to Make Your Windows Last

Don’t Neglect Your Windows!

Maintenance is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind when you purchase new windows or have a house window replacement. To keep them clear of smudges and smears, you can dress them up with window treatments or regularly clean the glass. Here are some reliable tips for maintaining your windows:

Glass panes

This one is quite simple to notice. Your entire house may look dingy if your window panes are dirty. Use a soft cloth or paper towel and a non-abrasive cleaner to gently wipe the interior and outside of your windows to clean the glass. The Heat Mirror and Low-E film are kept in good condition by gently washing your windows. Your windows should not be pressure washed as this could damage the seal and remove the coating. Apply a dry towel to the windowpane to finish cleaning it. If there are any streaks still present after cleaning, use glass cleaner or polish to remove them.

Caulking and Seals

Each window has a window casing around it, which frequently gives it a decorative style as the installation’s finishing touch. It is attached to the window frame by seals and caulking, both of which should be cleaned. By keeping this area clean, you may prevent the accumulation of dirt around window components that might cause blockages. Similar to cleaning the window itself, dust this region first. If you clean this area frequently, though, a quick dusting may be sufficient in some cases.


By maintaining the window hardware, you can be confident that your windows will keep working as they should. Jams can be avoided and the rate of wear and tear can be slowed down by cleaning clasps and locks. To keep each component moving smoothly, gently clean the hardware using a home cleaner and lubrication or polish. Your windows’ flawless operation can also be ensured with the aid of lubrication. Avoid using lubricants that contain oil. In fact, they draw dirt and dust, which can clog the window tracks and make it more challenging to open and close the windows.

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