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Fun Information About Your Chimney

Your Chimney: Interesting Facts

You utilize your home’s chimney to heat your fireplace throughout the winter. You also like to decorate your fireplace mantel to make it seem warm and inviting during the winter holidays. While you are aware of the fundamental purposes of it and a fireplace, there are a few interesting facts about these vital structures that you may not be aware of.

Fact #1: A liner, a protective covering, is present on the majority of contemporary ones. To prevent too much heat from entering the rest of your house, this inner liner can be constructed from fireproof materials such as terra cotta, stainless steel, aluminum, or other fireproof materials.

Fact #2: You may use a cap to conceal the top of it. These caps may boost updraft, limit the quantity of smoke that enters your home, keep animals and rain out, and keep rain and animals out of your flue.

Fact #3: The sweeps were similarly frequently considered lucky, like pigs. On the first day of the year, sweeps would pass through the streets of some towns carrying a pig. Villagers would pay a modest fee to pick a hair off the pig and make a wish.

Fact #4: The first flues appeared in northern Europe in the 12th century, but it wasn’t until the 16th and 17th centuries that they started to appear often in residences.

Fact #5: Using hardwoods, such as hickory or white oak, will reduce the amount of wood you need (and the number of visits to the woodpile). These denser woods will burn for a longer time.

Fact #6: The residue known as creosote is created when condensation happens when hot smoke, unburned wood particles, fumes, and hydrocarbon float up a colder one.

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