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Components of the Chimney

Amazing Chimney Parts

If you have recently had a new gas stove or furnace installed, and your chimney is already filthy and covered with soot, then you should most definitely make an appointment with a professional cleaning service as soon as possible. Cleaning it regularly is critical to the health of you and your family as a whole. A dirty one poses a health risk to those who enter it, particularly younger children and animals. The following is a list of the various parts of the chimney, along with a description of their functions and the advantages of using a cleaning service.


A crown is the highest point on the structure, and it is typically the location where the pots are affixed. Because this is where the fireplace is located, you must remember that the crown needs to be cleaned whenever you clean the fireplace. It is in this location that the vast majority of the creosote and soot deposits will take place. The height of the crown above the ground can range anywhere from three to twelve feet.


The throat is located in between the crown, also known as the top, and the wall where it will be affixed is going to be called the throat. It is in this area that you will discover the opportunities to clean. Brushes are the most common tool for removing deposits from this location, which is appropriate given that this is where the majority of the deposits will be found.


The liner is the component that is located at its most interior point. The sweep will fit into this opening while cleaning. It is also the area that is frequently ignored.


The construction procedure has now reached its concluding stage. That will be when the sweep installs a cap on it to prevent soot deposits from building up inside. A cap made of ornamental wrought iron serves to cover the whole thing once it has been used.

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