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3 Wonderful Tips for Preparing Your Chimney This Winter

Preparing Your Chimney for Winter Weather

You may be looking forward to warming fires this coming winter, but don’t forget to prepare your chimney. The safe operation of your fireplace or stove depends largely upon the condition of your fireplace. Thousands of emergencies occur every year due to a lack of maintenance. Harsh weather conditions can be tough on fireplaces, as well. It’s important to make sure your fireplace is prepared for winter inside and out.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Dangers

Fireplace blockage prevents toxic fumes from exiting through the fireplace and can result in deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. Common fireplace obstructions include outside debris, excess creosote, and materials from deteriorating fireplaces and flue liners. Carbon monoxide is odorless and invisible, which is why it’s often called the Silent Killer. It’s important to have a carbon monoxide alarm on each level of your home, in addition to ensuring that your fireplace is in good working order.

Install a Chimney Cap

Some potential debris problems are solved by installing a fireplace cap. In addition, a fireplace cap prevents moisture from getting inside your fireplace system. In fact, installing a fireplace cap is the best strategy for preventing moisture damage, according to the fireplace Safety Institute of America. When your fireplace cap has wire mesh, animals are prevented from getting inside your fireplace. The wire mesh also serves as a spark guard that can stop hot embers from causing rooftop fires. If you already have a fireplace cap, it should be inspected for signs of damage.

Inspect Chimney Flashing

Before the arrival of rooftop snow and ice, make sure your fireplace flashing is doing the job of protecting your roof from moisture. The metal flashing on a fireplace is not as durable as other components. A small rusted nail may be all it takes to cause leakage and major roof damage. The flashing and fireplace itself are highly susceptible to deterioration caused by excess water. It may be a good idea to install a cricket on your roof to divert water away from the fireplace.

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